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Waste/Sewage water

Communal sewage water plants
Sewage water treatment plants
Water treatment

We offer biochemical cleansing and waste water treatment technologies based on activated sludge with the particularity of investment cost reduction (up to 40%), a significant reduction of the location size and reduced energy consumption. As further development our technology makes possible a better ROI (return on investment), stable results and inline-treatment without any necessity of tanks or a reservoir. This made possible by endogenous de-nitrification in the sewage reservoir resulting in a reduction of the related sludge volumes and the diminution of the related size of the installation.

  • Large hotels and leisure parks
  • Communal sewage water plants
  • Sewage water treatment plants


  • Long-term stable technology
  • Rise of the profitability of the entire plant
  • Better profitability for large installations
  • Reduce of construction works up to 40%
  • Reduced energy consumption up to 50%
  • Better process stability higher efficiency DBO5 <10 mg / l, DCO <45 mg / l Ntot <15 mg / l
  • Technical consultation and engineering
  • Highly simplified technique
  • Better ROI


  • The stability of the process has positive influences of the operation, construction and exploitation costs
  • Insensibility against operational parameters
  • Simultaneous endogenous nitrification and de-nitrification
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