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Desinfection of Wastewater

The Anodic Oxidation (AO) devices are primarily used to desinfect water against viruses, bacteria and some protozoa. The AO equipment uses a desinfection process, based on anodic oxidation whose efficiency has been scientifically proven for 25 years at least. The principle of operation is a procedure in which electrochemical reactions occur during the passage of water thru a cell containing multiple electrodes. AO process disinfects the water without any additives or chemical substance on the one hand and secondly, it does not require important maintenance, these two points are the epitome of this process.

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Water Treatment Plants

Compact plants can be made available ready for the production of drinking, industrial and process water from surface water for worldwide use. The standardized capacity of a module of this technology for drinking water production lies between 10 and 1000 m³/h. The methodology has the double advantage of an optimized development of the fast filtration in combination with very efficient electrochemical in-line disinfection plants. The aim is to produce drinking water with a safe quality for long term. This ensures a hygienic water supply which is flexible, efficient and user-oriented. The main feature of this concept is the gain in quality assurance, highest operational safety and energy efficiency of the drinking water produced. Specific solutions and modules are available to ensure that all the requirements of a decentralized watsupply can be fulfilled.

Most important advantages are:

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